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paradigmE® Si


The latest addition to Mattson Technology’s etch product portfolio, the paradigmE® Si silicon etch
system reinforces the new etch standard created by Mattson Technology’s production-proven
paradigmE, which enables customers to meet stringent processing requirements for device
manufacturing at leading-edge technology nodes. Multiple paradigmE Si systems are already in
customer production.

Built on the paradigmE product architecture, paradigmE Si incorporates enhancements to enable
customers to run the chemistries required for poly-silicon applications. The system features
Mattson Technology’s proprietary Faraday shield designed to improve etch process control and
enhance mean-time-between-clean (MTBC) performance by up to three times over competitive
systems. The paradigmE Si also enables true independent control of ion density and energy,
providing improved profile control and minimized sputtering to reduce maintenance costs for the
lowest cost-of-ownership.

Semiconductor manufacturers currently use critical poly etchers to run semi-critical applications—
this tool-application mismatch results in a higher cost of ownership. The paradigmE Si is
specifically targeted at semi-critical poly etch applications by providing excellent process
performance with over 30% better cost-of ownership advantages over any competitive etch
system currently on the market.

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