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Alpine operates in a low-pressure regime to provide the necessary profile control, within wafer uniformity and wafer-to-wafer uniformity required to deliver consistent device performance and improved yield on 45nm generation processes and beyond.  Alpine’s ability to control processes at low temperatures, and selectively remove organic films also meet challenges on current and future wafer level packaging applications.

Alpine features Mattson's proprietary inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source and patented Faraday shield along with low power bias capability to enable independent control of ion energy and ion density.  These differentiating capabilities at low pressure provide superior results while minimizing damage to exposed materials.  This enables Alpine to provide removal capabilities for etch back and low-k / ultra-low-k films common in copper dual damascene structures for advanced logic devices.  Temperature control capability enables applications for advanced packaging including polyimide, DFR and BCB etch, descum and rework while protecting devices from damaging high process temperatures.

Alpine’s innovative proprietary platform is based on a flexible, modular design that makes it ideal for both development and production environments. The system features field proven, reliable, high-speed vacuum and atmospheric robots that deliver increased throughput and up to 40% improvement compared to competitive systems for etch back applications. Its vacuum robot utilizes an innovative transfer mechanism capable of swapping four wafers simultaneously to minimize overhead time. Alpine is configured with two dual-wafer modules in a compact footprint for the lowest total cost of ownership

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