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Surface Clean

Mattson Technology is the productivity and technology leader in the plasma dry strip market. Our strip systems offer the widest process range and feature our patented inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology. Mattson’s system architecture and strip technology provides the lowest contamination levels at the highest throughput. Complete residue removal is accomplished in one chamber in situ, eliminating the need for organic solvents, thereby reducing process costs and alleviating environmental concerns. Mattson’s strip systems offer our customers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) by providing the high yield, fast throughput, reduced process steps and low operating cost.

Fabrication of integrated circuits with feature sizes under 90 nanometer requires advanced dry strip technologies such as our Suprema and Alpine Strip systems. In addition, faster IC devices require the use of advanced materials, such as low and ultra-low capacitance, or Low-k/ULK dielectrics, copper, metal gates, and silicides. The use of these new materials creates new challenges for photoresist stripping equipment. The resist or residues must be removed from these materials without degrading critical performance characteristics and device yield. At 32nm and below, critical ultra-shallow junctions (USJ) require cleaning processes that meet 0.3 angstroms of silicon loss per clean step according to ITRS (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors) specifications. Combined with the use of ULK at k values below 2.5, removing residues and preserving capacitance values requires the most advanced hardware and process capabilities.

Our strip systems enable both high productivity and advanced process development on a single product offering. We provide leading process results on a wide range of dry strip applications, including:

Strip and Residue Removal
High Dose Implant Strip (HDIS)
Bulk Resist Strip
Strip Resist over Ultra-Low-K (ULK) Films
Resist Recess Process
Resist “De-scum
Resist Strip over Metal Gates
MLR processes

Our dry strip products encompass both 200 and 300 mm products on our Aspen platform, and our latest generation high productivity Suprema and Alpine, using our patented, inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technologies. We have a large, world-wide installed base of surface cleaning systems at 18 of the top 20 semiconductor manufacturers in high volume logic, foundry, DRAM and flash memory production facilities.


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