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As a market share leader in RTP, Mattson Technology is recognized as a provider of the industry’s most advanced RTP technology. Leading device manufacturers are employing the Company’s RTP equipment in high-volume production of <65 nm technology devices, boosting the limits of lamp-based rapid thermal processing.

Mattson’s proprietary dual-side lamp-based wafer heating technology, contact-less edge-guard ring and unique emissivity-compensated temperature controller guarantee superior results on the wafer with unparalleled repeatability and temperature uniformity across the wafer. By providing our customers’ processes improved wafer uniformity, reduced pattern shift and reduced thermal stress, Mattson’s RTP systems offer the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Mattson’s RTP systems achieve first-rate process results on a wide range of RTP applications, including:

• S/D Anneal
• Silicide Formation
• Oxidation: Dry, Wet and Selective
• Ultra-Shallow Junction Formation (USJF)
• Millisecond Anneal (MSA)

We plan to continue our efforts in developing innovative RTP tools and bringing optimized, deep submicron integrated transistor formation processes to the marketplace. We understand the close relationship between customer trust and the timely delivery of new solutions..



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