Dry Strip

Dry strip is the removal of the masking layers from the wafer after the patterning process has been completed. The objective is to eliminate the masking material from the wafer as quickly as possible, without allowing any surface materials to become damaged.

We are a leader in the dry strip market. Our strip systems offer innovative wafer handling architecture to deliver low cost of ownership for integrated circuit manufacturing.

SUPREMA XP is Mattson Technology's most advanced photoresist strip system, offering a unique solution the industry's challenge with surface cleaning, surface treatment and surface modifications. The SUPREMA XP blends superior process performance with low cost of ownership using a multi-module, vacuum transfer-based high-throughput platform.

Product Features:

  • Remote inductively coupled plasma (ICP) source with proprietary Faraday shield design
  • 100% ion filtering capability
  • 100% reducing chemistry capability
  • High-concentration fluorine chemistry capability
  • Precise wafer temperature control (20°C – 300°C)
  • Full spectrum endpoint sensor option
  • Dual wafer processing with individual head control
  • Independent vacuum loadlock and transfer module
  • High-speed, quad-arm robotics


  • Technology Leadership
    • Pure radical process with device damage
    • Superior chemistry flexibility for new applications
    • Excellent particle performance
    • Process capability demonstrated in < 7 nm Logic, < 1x nm DRAM and Advanced 3D NAND
  • Industry Benchmark
    • 2nd Generation of the SUPREMA product family has more than 500 platforms installed worldwide
    • Approximately 10,000 ICP sources operating in the field
    • Production proven high productivity and low cost of ownership


    • Bulk Strip
    • Post-Implant Strip
    • Post Etch Clean / Treatment
    • Surface Treatment (H2, O2, CF4)
    • High Aspect RatiStructure Descum
    • Strip over Metal
    • Metal Surface Cleaning / Treatment
    • Surface Damage Repair
    • Tri-Layer Rework
  • CIS / MEMS
    • Bulk Strip
    • Descum
    • Tri-Layer Rework
    • Isotropic Etch
  • Wafer Level Packaging
    • Dry Film Resist Ash
    • PR / DFR / BCB Descum
    • 3D IC PR Ash / Descum
    • Cu Passivation
    • Polymide Ash
    • Pad and Line Clean
    • Surface Residue Removal