Surface Treatment and Ultra-Selective Materials Removal

Mattson Technology Atomic Surface Engineering™ technology address some of the most critical logic and memory manufacturing challenges. Continuous integrated circuit device scaling includes fabrications of small, deep and complex 3D structures composed of thin layers of different materials. Manufacturing requires ultra-high selectivity in materials removal processes, and a precise control of physical, chemical and electrical properties of thin film surfaces.

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Novyka™ Family Selective Etch Systems
Novyka™ Family Surface Treatment Systems

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Novyka™ Product Family

Based on an industry leading remote plasma technology, Mattson Technology’s Novyka™family selective etch systems offer unique process solutions and deliver outstanding results in isotropic and anisotropic etch of various dielectric and conductor materials.

As part of our Atomic Surface Engineering™product portfolio, the Novyka™ family selective etch processes are ideal in efficient removal of thin and delicate layers in construction of advanced 3D transistor and capacitor structures.